Developing Star Fox Zero And A NieR Sequel

developingDeveloping Star Fox Zero And A NieR Sequel
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Time Stop: Discovered during Jotaro`s climactic battle with DIO , like The World , Star Platinum is able to stop time, with an absolute limit of five seconds. Achieved during or at some point before the events of Part IV, it is defined by its mastery of the Time Stop, which Jotaro can now execute consecutively within intervals of seconds, and push each time to his 5 second limit. In the original manga, Star Platinum early on is seen with a wide, disconcerting smile.It`s not her fault Miyamoto told them to turn Dinosaur Planet into a Star Fox game & thus forever curse the original canon of Star Fox thus resulting in this reboot. Give Platinum Games the reigns to a Star Fox Adventures reimagining where Krystal is the hero & Fox is the damsel” in distress as Dinosaur Planet SHOULD have been! Star Fox was doomed even before Adventures even happened, you just didn`t realize it. The genre it is, is what doomed the series because it died off completely years after 64s original release, honestly name me at least ten rail shooters that came out recently that did as well as Star Fox, you seriously cant.These are the only clean enough parts to post lol I won`t be able to post it on dA for obvious reasons, but I`ll post it on GOTVG when I`m done with it ^^ But goddamn, I`m at 4 full pages and just now getting to Star T-T It`s going to be a long ass story, but it`s SO much fun to write! My love for Star Platinum increased like 10000000% after reading the full story.If Tifa´s breasts are too big (same size as the original version of Tifa in FF7), the SJW´s will whine about it, if her breasts are small (or normal size) Square Enix will be accused of bending over for the SJW´s demands, so this is a fight which Square Enix can´t win. Big boobs or not, Tifa is Tifa, and I think true Tifa fans would respect that no matter what.The sleeves did look a bit different in the photo than in person and I`m not so sure they are as flattering as on some of the other dresses. I came across a mention of Trashy Diva about 18 months ago on a LiveJournal community called `Thirty-Two D: Tiny Girls, Big Boobs` where girls with small frames & big boobs discuss clothing and bra sizing issues. I`ve seen the drafts for the new design, and I think it`s going to be a big step up.